Monday, August 28, 2017

Pampering with SimplyScrub

Body Scrubs c/o SimplyScrub

Happy Monday, Friends!

Every Friday night is my "pamper night".  I like to enjoy a leisurely bath, a cup of tea, and a little "self-care."  That's usually the time when I pull out my special bath products, like bath salts and body scrubs.  I love a good body scrub, especially in the fall and winter when my skin just feels lack-luster and dull.  I feel like a scrub gives my skin some rejuvenation, and recently, SimplyScrub sent me a few of their scrubs to test out!  

First of all, they sent me two full-sized jars of the chocolate and coffee.  Yes, I picked my two favorite things to eat!  First off, the chocolate is like decadence in a jar.  It smells AMAZING.  And hey, coffee is like my life-source, so that was pretty much the next best thing to drinking it in a cup!  The chocolate scrub was a little smoother in nature, but left my legs feeling silky smooth, and smelling delightful.  The coffee smells just as good as you'd think, and also seemed a bit more exfoliating, while still, moisturizing!

They also sent me some samples of the soursop and rose, and let me tell you, they are both amazing as well!  I'm such a sucker for rose scents, and the scrub is so elegant looking too!  The best thing about all four of these scrubs is they are 100% organic, natural, and won't make your sensitive skin do anything crazy.  If you're a fellow sensitive skin girl, raise your hand!  And you seriously don't need to moisturize after using these... you're good to go!

So check out my new friends at SimplyScrub!  And be prepared to smell and feel amazing!


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