Sunday, March 5, 2017

Flirt Cosmetics Lip pHetish Lipstick

FLIRT  lip pHetish Lipstick c/o // Notebook: Kate Spade

Ever since I was a pre-teen, I've always loved collecting lip products.  Although my interests have changed significantly in that area since I was twelve (who remembers the Lip Smackers and way-over-glittery glosses in the kid cosmetics aisle?!), I still find a good lip product incredibly fun.  Since I wear scrubs all day long, my "girly girl" comes out in my jewelry and makeup.  Flirt Cosmetics sent me these adorable, fun, yet totally-wearable lipsticks to try out!  When I first opened them, I was a bit dubious... green?  blue?  How on earth is this going to look good on me?  However, these lip colors instantly morph into beautiful shades of pink, coral, and berry based on the pH in your lips.  And as a medical professional, I also found that kind of fascinating (nerd alert).  My favorite of the three is actually the green which is shown in the picture above: it turned into a beautiful bright pink that made me excited for spring!  Check them out HERE.

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