Sunday, January 8, 2017

FIGS Scrubs Review

Scrubs: Figs Technical Collection c/o: top: Casma, bottoms: Livingston // Figs Super Chill Vest c/o

I kept hearing about Figs scrubs on social media, and all I had heard was positive things.  Figs sent me a set to try, as well as THE BEST VEST ever!  The scrubs are SUPER soft.  Scrubs in general tend to be like wearing pajamas, but these are just amazingly smooth and comfy.  The technical collection is relaxed, and the pants do come in tall (which I need!).  You definitely need to try them!  For sizes, I would recommend going down a size in the tops (I'm usually an XS but would probably have fit better in an XXS), and going up a size for the pants (I'm usually between an XS and a S, but S would probably fit a bit better in the pants).  Now let me rave a  bit about this vest.  It's amazing.  I wore it all week in the ER and just love it, plus I received tons of compliments!  It's super soft and not overly heavy, but provides tons of pocket space and a little added core warmth.  I am always wearing either a fleece or a vest at work, and this is by far my new favorite!

The best thing about Figs is their Threads For Threads program:  they donate a pair of scrubs to a healthcare provider in need, often in low resource areas, for every pair purchased.  What a fantastic way to help!  Figs is kindly offering my readers, YOU ALL, a discount!  Use code KerriFIGS for 15% off your first purchase!

Scrubs provided by FIGS in exchange for a review.  All opinions are, as always, my own.

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  1. Kerri, you look amazing in your FIGS. Aren't they the BEST?? Totally hooked! Totally stealing your discount code to order some more sets, as the Livingston pants are back in stock in my size.

    Partial to Pink


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