Sunday, December 18, 2016

Holiday Statement Necklaces

I love a good statement necklace.  But it seems like the opportunities to wear one are somewhat limited.  Christmas is the perfect time to bring them out, especially with all the gatherings, special church services, and parties.  The four necklaces above are probably my favorites in my collection.  And yes, all of them are from J. Crew throughout the years.  :)  I absolutely love J. Crew jewelry, and most of my collection is from them,  just because I feel like they are so timeless and unique!  Since a few of these are from years past, I'm linking some similar.

From top left corner clockwise:

1.  Black and White Floral Necklace (J. Crew Factory (old)/ Similar):  This one has been a favorite for years!  I don't know why, but it just seems to be the perfect addition to every outfit.  I also think it looks reminiscent of the art-deco era or 1920's.

2.  Floral Bell Necklace (J. Crew):  This one is recent and you can get it right now!  I bought this one specifically for my Christmas Eve outfit.  I absolutely love it!  It reminds of the gardens of Versailles, and frankly, any necklace with pearls in it is a win in my book.  This too goes with everything and looks incredibly festive!  Grab one for yourself!

3.  Ribbon and Stone Necklace (J. Crew (old)/ Similar):  This necklace is super comfortable because of the ribbon tie.  I love the victorian feel to the ribbon-tie, and the color is great for autumn/winter.

4.  Brilliant Blue and Grey Necklace (J. Crew (old)/ Similar):  I bought this in grad school and absolutely love it.  I wish it was just a tiny bit longer, but it looks fabulous with a little black dress or grey top.  It's the perfect splash of elegance!

Do you like statement necklaces?  What are your favorite brands?

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