Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Christmas Favorites

This is the first Christmas in a long time that I actually had a few free weekends and spare moments to think and plan for it.  I wasn't in the midst of crazy residency schedules or busy with grad school.  Work has been hectic, but I was so glad to be able to take a few moments and enjoy some of the pre-Christmas preparations this year!  

Here are a few of my favorite things about this time of year:
~Christmas gingerbread cookies
~Lots of hot tea, hot chocolate, and lattes
~Sparkly vintage styled Christmas tree ornaments 
~Christmas card writing
~Holiday postage stamps
~Pretty wrappings

~Pretty planner pages dedicated to all things Christmas
~Netflix Christmas Movies (I'm LOVING The Spirit of Christmas!)
~Glittering snow falling outside

~Family time and excitement
~Reminder's of peace and grace
~Reconnecting with old friends

Enjoy this time of year, my friends.  Search for the peace, the hope, the renewal.  Above all the excitement and planning and pretty decorations, I am so thankful for the spirit of renewal that comes with the Christ of Christmas.

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