Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Natural Beauty Volume II

This week's version of natural beauty includes a new find, and a new favorite from a company I have loved for awhile, and something I just bought to try!  

~I've posted about my love for Thesis Beauty products before, but this raspberry + mint body cream is AMAZING!  It smells wonderful, works great, and again- the packaging receives a 5 star rating.  This cream is shea butter based, so I apply it before going to bed, because it can be a bit greasy when initially putting it on, but quickly settles into your skin and moisturizes nicely.  

~Due to multiple allergies and a severe dermatitis reaction I get with regular drug-store deodorants, I have been on the hunt for an all-natural one that actually works.  I found this Nourish Organic Deodarant in Wild Berries on Amazon, and so far, I'm loving it!  It actually works.  The only thing that is different than regular deodorant is that it's a bit more creamy when you first apply it.

~A little honesty moment- I've struggled with IBS for years after some surgical complications and infections several years ago.  I also have a REALLY hard time taking large pills.  So rather than taking nothing at all, I recently picked up these OLLY gummy multi-vitamins + probiotics.  Yes, I realize they're for kids.  But like I said, it's better to take a vitamin and probiotic of some kind rather than nothing, so I'm going to try them!  So far, I approve.  They're not terrible tasting, and I keep them on my bathroom counter so I don't forget to take them!

Have any of you found any good natural beauty products recently?  Do share!

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