Friday, May 20, 2016

Life Lately

Hello Friend!

Oh goodness, it's been a little bit.  I moved into my new house, which I LOVE, but unfortunately haven't been able to get internet set up as quickly as I would have liked.  But that will be coming shortly, and I should be back to regular blogging soon.  I can't wait to share photos of my new house and all the fun I'm having in designing and decorating and planting flowers!  My job has been keeping me pretty busy and has been an adjustment.  Here are a few little snippets of life lately- you can find me on Instagram @thegirlwithalatte to keep up with what's going on until my internet is finalized!

I saw this dress on the eshakti website and FELL IN LOVE.  It fits perfectly and is just so unique.  Plus, I have a thing for lemon print (I have a Kate Spade lemon bag, necklace, and charm, as well as lemon towels in my kitchen and a lemon wreath for my door).

I've been going nuts for flowers this spring!  Love planting them and enjoying all of the beauty they bring! 

I was able to bring out my pink sparkle Sperry Topsiders finally as the weather warmed up a little bit.  I just love them!