Thursday, March 17, 2016

Medical Pocket Books

Bag: Kate Spade//Pocket Books: Moleskine//Pens: Stabilo

One of the things I mentioned in my last Medical Essentials post was the little Moleskine pocket-sized books that I keep with me where I add my own helpful hints, notes, policies, procedures, etc.  Basically, anything that I might find helpful in the course of my shifts in the emergency department.  I started making these when I was in school, and they have slowly developed and changed since then as I have found what is more pertinent to my work.

To give you an idea of how I set them up, I try to divide them into general sections.  For examples, one part of the book is for orthopedic-related info, another into cardiology, etc.  However, adding to the books over time tend to mess that up a bit, but at least the information is there.  I also like to use different colors to somewhat color-code things, or at least differentiate one topic from the next.  I have also printed some things out in tiny print (like specific suture types, charts, etc.).  I have used tabs in the past for the books, but they would get torn off when in my pockets, so I decide to not use them on my most recent version of the books.  I also make sure to include my name, credentials, and contact info in the front cover in case anyone finds it!

Hope this is helpful!


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  1. i love little handheld moleskines (they were my go-to during my italy trip!) and those awesome pens. I think this is super useful. the fact that you have color-coding and categories is probably so useful for finding information quick at work. well done :)


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