Thursday, March 3, 2016

Goal Check: Physical

At the beginning of a year, I shared a post about the goals and dreams I made for 2016, and now that life has come to a much different place (and pace!), I am intent on diving into it.

One of the big activities I was looking forward to conquering in the new year was running and exercising again.  Because I was living in a rather dangerous city during residency/fellowship, I really didn't feel comfortable going out and running inside.  And although I did go to my apartment complex's gym a couple of times to run on the treadmill, I really didn't do much physical activity while in residency (aside from running around the hospital anyway).  Besides... I feel like a gerbil when I run on a treadmill.  I definitely am an out-doorsy kind of runner.

So in anticipation of spring and moving to a much more outdoor runner-friendly area, I went with gift cards in hand to TJ Maxx & Marshalls after Christmas to purchase some new work-out gear (best place to get inexpensive but great athletic brands!)  I hadn't gotten any new work-out clothing since before residency, so it was time.  Plus, there's nothing like motivation for working out than cute work-out clothes, am I right?

Under Armour Headbands (TJ Maxx)//Marika Tek Sports Bra and Yoga Pants (TJ Maxx)//RBX Sweatshirt (Marshalls)//Under Armour Socks (Marshalls)//Tropical Print Yoga Mat (Marshalls)

I love everything I got, and can't wait to try it all out.  Any recommendations for fitness apps?  Any particular work-out music?  My go-to running music is a mix of techno music that I've had forever, and it definitely does the trick.  I'll be posting updates as I get back into my fitness routine, especially as the weather warms up a bit.  Please do share any tips, tricks, videos, classes, or gear that you especially love!


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  1. Download SworkIt! Best app ever for quick but varied exercises. I do it probably 2-3x a week in alternation with running!


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