Thursday, March 31, 2016

Etsy Wishlist

Berry Postcards//Floral Clutch//Jane Austen Silhouette Cards//Turquoise Ring//Aquamarine Necklace//Gold Foil Print

Etsy is a beautiful place, and one I go to to swoon over all the beautiful things that people make.  I love designing and creating things myself, but for some reason, I usually don't keep many of those things for myself.  I suppose once the creative process has been finished, I'm ready for someone else to enjoy it.  But I love enjoying the creative efforts of others (funny how that works, eh?), and have purchased a few treasures there over the years.  One of my goals is to start an Etsy shop to sell my hand-made jewelry, but I haven't quite gotten to it quite yet!

Here are a few of my favorites that are seriously on my wishlist for the spring/summer!
What are your favorite Easy finds?


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  1. you absolutely could and should start your own etsy! i have had's still there, but empty at the moment! eep! but your jewelry is exquisite and of such wonderful craftsmanship! :)


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