Monday, January 25, 2016

Living Life On Purpose

Thank you all for participating in the survey as to what you all want to read about in this little blog of mine!  The most popular categories voted for so far are general lifestyle, medicine, faith, with fashion and the rest behind those.  I will definitely be using the input as I plan for more blogging in the new year.

As I said in my last post, this year is an unwritten new chapter for me, and my goal is to live life on purpose.  With the advice of several friends, I decided to write down my goals and dreams for the new year, so that I have a constant reminder.

I've always been a big fan of buying a fresh new notebook each year to fill with my lists, notes, etc.  So this year was no exception, and I found one that really embodies my new year goals!

I divided my goals/dreams into 8 life categories, and then filled them in from there.

Some highlights:

*Spiritual:  I really want to make more of a conscious effort to spend time with God every day, and also to leave my life completely in His hands.  A new unwritten chapter is best written by Him.

*Physical:  I'm really excited about this... I used to run regularly, and can't wait to be back in a routine and a place where I can run freely.  I also want to try a new kind of class (I have always dreamed of taking ballet, and just never did it as a kid).

*Mental/Emotional:  I need to make a conscious effort to have "down-time" and reading for fun is something I've been looking forward to doing for a long time!

*Career:  My new job is going to be a challenge, yet a blessing.  I hope to make the most of it!

*Financial:  I have a lot on this list this year.  I'm hoping to buy a house and also to come up with a well-informed school loan repayment plan.

*Relationships:  I've learned a lot about relationships in the last two years, and one thing I'm looking forward to is having the time to dedicate to building community around me (more on that later!).

*Hobbies/Fun:  I'm finally going to open an Easy shop for my hand-made jewelry.  And I really want to learn to make macarons and how to embroider!

*Leadership/Educational:  I have lots of things I want to learn, but I also want to get back into playing music at church, and leading in my job and with various educational courses/classes.

I'll be updating with my goals as I work on them.  It'll keep me motivated and accountable.

Well friends!  What are your goals for 2016?

Also, I have a question for you all... do you have a blog?  I'm looking for solid, uplifting, and genuine blogs to follow, and I'd love to get to know you better!  Leave your blog in the comments below!