Monday, November 18, 2013

The One About Hair

Hello Friends!
I... have... the ... day... off.  WOW! That never happens!
And I'm using it catch up on some blogging and try to recover from the adrenaline rush that I've been on lately  (necessary to get me through my crazy schedule and big exams).  Good news is the exams went fantastically.  And tomorrow I start in the wonderful world of emergency medicine which I long ago found was where my passion lies (that and trauma).
Anyway!  Last week, I was contacted by Misikko Beauty to see if I'd like to review one of their flat irons.  No brainer on that one... of course I'd like to!  They kindly sent me a 1.5" HANA elite 100% ceramic flat iron for review, and I kid you not, it arrived the next day on my doorstep.  Talk about fast service!
So when the box arrived, I was a little shocked... I kind of figured I'd get a flat iron and that would be awesome enough.  But they sent a whole big box of fun goodies along with it!  It was like an early Christmas!
So the day after I stressed through two extremely hard exams, I popped open that box and gave that gorgeous flat iron a try.

Okay here's the skinny on my hair.  I have a TON of it.  It's always been super thick and super wavy (see my previous post for a toned-down version of "un-done hair".  It has a mind of its own, and most of the time, I simply can't be bothered with trying to do it.  I absolutely hate doing my hair. Just ask my mom and sister.  I am super picky about hair products and tools (I've always hated hair products, except Pantene's new BB cream), and I just don't have the patience to do it. I like my hair when it's all done and curled or straightened, but with my schedule, it usually ends up being put up and out of the way.  So my point is, that flat iron had a whole lot of convincing to do on this girl.

 The whole package:  Goodies include an eyelash curler, lipgloss, hairbrush, nail files, fabulous flat iron carrying case, rubber base mat, and of course, the best part: the professional ceramic flat iron!

Fuzzy bathroom selfie while finishing up.
 The Final Product:

I'm convinced.  I love it.

So when I started using the HANA flat iron, my first thought was how easy it just slid through my hair.  I have used the same flat iron since my first year of college (now quite a long time ago), and it always felt pretty rough on my hair.  I had to play a little with the heat settings on my new HANA, but finally found the right one for my hair thickness.  Also, I was surprised at how quick it took to actually straighten my hair.  Like I said, I hate to do my hair because it always takes so long to get through all of it.  It really took so much less time with the HANA.  And it really seemed to bring out the shine in my hair as well.  I went to church afterwards and I got compliments on how my hair looked that day, so I'm considering the HANA flat iron a huge success.  And like I said, it had a lot of convincing to do!
So if you're a picky hair person like me, and are looking for a truly fabulous new flat iron or any other hair tool, check out Missiko Beauty and the HANA line on their website or Facebook page.


This is a sponsored post: the Misikko HANA Elite Flat Iron was given to me for blog review, but all opinions are truly my own.  Like I said, I'm a picky hair person. :)


  1. You hair looks AMAZE! Love how shiny and smooth it looks! :)

  2. Your hair looks great, I have super thick hair so I can totally relate to your struggles.

  3. you're a beaut! ;) missiko is the best!!


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