Wednesday, May 22, 2013

.cake. For Breakfast

The wonderful thing about blogging?  All the fabulous people you meet and the friends you make.  So when I had to attend a meeting near Philadelphia and found this adorable little eatery, the first person I thought of that would love it is Taylor of the adorable blog Anticipation.  When I discovered her blog awhile ago, I quickly realized that she was a kindred spirit because she too loves cute little coffee shops, historic sites, and whimsical scenery.  So I emailed her right away and told her she must visit it if she ever got the chance.   Although we've never met in person, we've both now visited this cute little spot called .cake.

Here are a few photos from my experience there!

.cake. has the most adorable setting: it's an eatery designed from an old greenhouse, and the inside just screams The Secret Garden.   If you know anything about me, you know that I'm completely in love with classic literature and this place made me want to sit there all day, writing and crafting, and just enjoying the atmosphere.

I was able to take my mom with me on the trip which was fun, so she snapped a few pics :)

Isn't the inside adorable??? The floor is all stone and there is a gorgeous fountain in the middle (unfortunately I didn't get a pic!).

I enjoyed some AMAZING scrambled eggs, coffeecake, and a warm cup of coffee.

They also had cups full of FRESH fruit that added the perfect touch to our breakfast.

My meeting wore me out, hence the pale/pasty look that I've been sporting lately! 

Overall, I just adored this little random spot.  I would highly recommend it!  It was also fun to be able to share this cute spot with a blogger friend, even if it was at different times!

Check out Taylor's photos and experience at .cake. and the rest of her adorable blog HERE!  

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  1. You don't look pale or pasty, hahaa, you look lovely!! Love your floral top, it's perfect for a breakfast with mom at a place like this. It's funny because I took my mom too!!! Love your perspective on this post, loved collaborating with you! LEts definitely do it again :)))

  2. This is the cutest place ever!!! Oh how I'd love to visit! That coffee cake looks divine. And you do NOT look pale or pasty, friend! You look gorgeous as always!

  3. This place looks adorable!

    Happy Friday!

  4. Love Philly! .cake. looks fabulous, as do you! So glad I found your blog! Would be flattered if you'd check mine out as well...


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