Sunday, June 4, 2017

Dilemma of Non-Pierced Ears

Hello Friends!  Am I the only one on this planet who doesn't have their ears pierced?  I may be ;)  But J. Crew is certainly making me wish I did with their earring designs in the last few seasons.  There are so many fun, summery earring designs, but they're all for pierced ears.  And since I still have no desire whatsoever to pierce my ears, I'm now on the hunt for some equally adorable clip-ons.

So Cute!

Classic pearls.. love.

So fun!

So I'm on a mission!  And I'm going to be keeping these J. Crew styles for inspiration!  Anybody else have non-pierced ears or know of great places for clip-ons (that are not the 1950's grandma type earrings).  I'm on the hunt, and will be reporting back with what I find!


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