Sunday, August 14, 2016

In The Kitchen

I've slowly been settling into my new house, and I'm in complete home-maker mode right now!  I've been looking for the perfect set of dishes for some time, and when I saw these, I fell madly in love.  The beautiful blue design, the teacups instead of mugs, and each dish has a different British Castle on it.  I love the old-world feel, and they match my kitchen style perfectly!  I have started to collect copper pieces (starting with this beautiful copper tea kettle), and these dishes complement them so well!  I also found these gorgeous Blue Italian Spode (by Portmerion- I LOVE all things Portmerion) tea spoons and cake knife to add to the mix.  I just love the whole style and love using each piece!

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  1. OMG! I loooooooove this blue china, seriously probably my favorite kind out there (didn't know it was an Italian design - even better!). You have great taste :) Homemaking is so fun! I sometimes want to buy just everything I can all at once for this new apartment, but i have to remember to slowwww it down as it is a process and the fun is in the small details, that happen spontaneously...

    how are you friend?! hope all is well. Love!!


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