Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Natural Beauty: Volume I (Thesis)

 A few months ago, I did a post about my journey to natural beauty and bath products.  It has been a slow and progressive journey, but along the way I'm discovering things that I love and work well, and others that don't.  A little while back, I was looking through Amazon for natural products, and stumbled upon Thesis.  I'll admit, the packaging had me at first look.  I LOVE the simple, clean lines and vintage appearance.  I knew I had to try the company, so I purchased a hand cream in vanilla orange, and LOVED it!  Thesis was so kind to send me a few other products to try and review.  

~One of my favorite products is the Dead Sea Bath Salts in Rose Garden.  Ohhhh goodness, does this smell good!  I love the smell of old-fashioned roses, and the dried rose petals and silky smooth bath salts make the perfect, elegant, and pampering combination!

~The Body Scrub in Caffe Crema is about as good as it gets.  As a coffee lover, this smells like pure heaven.  The scrub is energizing, moisturizing, and completely decadent!

They also sent me two face masks (check back for another post on those specifically!) and a heavenly smelling Raspberry Mint Body Cream (swoon).

Thesis never uses chemical preservatives (I'm allergic to so many), synthetics, or fillers.  Their products are all-natural , vegan, and almost always certified organic (I mean seriously, does it get better?).  

Also, as a health professional (and animal lover), I also really appreciate this statement on their website:

"First off, we're not anti-science-- thank goodness some life-saving chemicals exist! We just strongly believe that synthetic chemicals DO NOT belong in beauty or food products. According to the latest published data, almost 80,000 synthetic chemicals exist today, and many are used in skincare. Lots of poorly researched chemicals are still in use today without sufficient safety data, while every day new disturbing facts emerge linking "approved as safe, non-toxic" chemicals to chronic health problems. Many synthetic chemicals are also not biodegradable. They pollute the environment and kill wildlife while also being tested on lab animals. We do not mean to scare anybody-- merely to inform of potential risks that you should know (and that many manufacturers do not want you to know). It's up to you to decide what to do with this knowledge. "

Thank you so much to Thesis Beauty Purists for the products.  Check them out!

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