Sunday, June 12, 2016

Goal Check: Healthier Eating

 Between the insanity of moving and starting a new job, my eating habits have not been at their best.  One of my goals is to get my eating back on track. I'll admit, I have a huge sweet tooth, but I equally love fruits and veggies.  Because things have been so disorganized lately, I haven't been putting as much thought into packing my work lunches or making good snack choices, which ironically I did much better during residency.  Since I start work late in the morning and work until the late evening hours, my eating patterns are often slightly off the norm, and I always run into the problem of having packed too little food for work to snack on.  I'm the kind of person who has the metabolism of a hummingbird, and I also get low blood sugar when I don't eat every few hours.  

But this week, I decided to make a more concentrated effort with my grocery shopping and food planning for the upcoming week.  

 I love making home-made smoothies out of whatever fruit, fruit juice, and yogurt I have in the fridge, but if I'm in a pinch, I love to have either Boathouse Farms or Naked Juice smoothies on hand.  It gives me something to drink throughout my shifts, and gets a couple of fruit servings in as well.  I also pick up plenty of whatever fruit may be on sale (this week was nectarines) and

 One of my absolute favorite snacks is carrot sticks and guacamole.  These little single serve packs of guacamole are the best, and I pre-wash carrots and sliced up celery sticks to pack in a flash.  Also, Stacy's pita chips are absolutely amazing.  Perfect texture, and also great for dipping!

 Another favorite snack (especially if my blood sugar is running low), is backers and cheese.  My favorite crackers since I was a kid are the Pepperidge Farms entertaining trio (I especially love the wheat crackers!) and they're fantastic with those little slices of cheese.  Easy and perfect snack.  I also bring a water bottle to work, and although I'll drink plain water, I'd so much rather have lime or lemon slices in it.  I ALWAYS have a lime or lemon in my fridge to add to my water bottle.  The other thing I always carry around with me is some form of breakfast or granola bar (they got me through ICU rotations in residency!).  I love any version of peanut butter and oats, and I just picked up these KIND bars this week!

 I am not a huge meat person at all.  However, I definitely feel better when I have a balanced amount of protein in my diet.  I do love chicken, but I've recently come to love turkey bacon in the morning!  My favorite is the thinner Butterball lower sodium version.  On the days I get out late, I often don't get dinner until 8 or 9PM, and trust me, I do NOT feel like cooking.  I'll pop a Stouffer's veggie lasagna in the microwave  and not only is it filling, but it reminds me of my grandmother who always had some tucked away in her freezer when I would come for lunch.  They may not be the healthiest thing in this pile, but they're still yummy! ;)

Last, but not least, I generally have one or more kinds of berries in my fridge.  Since strawberry season is officially here, I love having access to fresh farm-grown berries!  I love packing these little guys up for work, putting them in cereal, with biscuits, anything!

Well friends, I'd love to hear your ideas for prepping for healthy work-week lunches and snacks!

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