Friday, April 8, 2016

Spring Wardrobe Updates

Sandals: TJ Maxx// Malvin Linen Dress: TJ Maxx// Bracelet: J. Crew (old)

Blush Blazer: Marshalls// Pastry Top: TJ Maxx// Scarf: TJ Maxx// Necklace: J. Crew (old)

Peplum Top: Kate Spade Outlet// Lemon Necklace: Kate Spade Online

Necklace: TJ Maxx// Sandals: TJ Maxx// Calvin Klein Dress: TJ Maxx

After my residency/fellowship, I took a look at my wardrobe and decided it needed a major overhaul. I did a major purge of my wardrobe and donated a huge black bag full of clothes and shoes, and picked out many items to sell on Ebay.  I realized that I had just been hanging on to a lot of things but not wearing them, or they did 't fit well anymore and I hadn't realized it because I was in scrubs all the time.  I felt so good purging, but then realized I would need a few things to fill the gaps of what I had gotten rid of or worn out.  And I desperately wanted a few new light and airy things for spring.  I finally know my hours with my new staff position, which thankfully leave a few days a week to wear "normal clothes" and not scrubs, and I'm so excited about that prospect!

What are your favorites for spring?


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  1. white lace shirt!! all hail white lace shirts.


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