Sunday, April 3, 2016

Life Lately

Oh what a week!  I spent my last week of "vacation" in bed with after an unexpected procedure, taking antibiotics, and trying to ward off side effects from the meds.  Ick.  However, tomorrow I start orientation for my new staff position and I am so excited!

Aside from the unexpected unhappy events of this last week, I have had a few little splashes of joy recently, and have also been attempting to use my camera more (and actually learn how to use it!).  

~I ADORE Harney & Sons tea, so I decided to try this Royal Palace Tea.  It's a black tea with a hint of citrus, and I like it with a bit of milk and sugar!  The tin is too adorable too!
~I did some spring clothes shopping and came away with this gorgeous necklace and too-cute-for-words pastry printed flowy top.  I mean, really?  How cute!
~The grape hyacinths are coming out all around me and I couldn't be happier for signs of spring.
~I found this British Flora book for a little over a dollar on Amazon, and because I love old-fashioned botanical illustrations, thought it was a no-brainer!  Isn't it beautiful?
~There's nothing like donuts to make one feel better.  Never fails!

Be on the look-out or an upcoming post about some pretty amazingly comfortable (and cute!) scrubs and a giveaway!


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