Friday, March 11, 2016

Medical Life Essentials

Happy almost-weekend, friends!  I've had a lot of requests to post more about my medical life, so I thought I'd start with a post about my essentials for any given shift in the emergency department.  Over the years, I've definitely figured out what I need and don't need.

Medicine really isn't glamorous.  And in emergency medicine especially, it's all about scrubs, shoes that can be easily wiped off (I'll leave the reasons to your vast imagination), and practicality.  Unlike a lot of 9-5 clinic specialties in medicine where cute professional clothing comes into play, emergency medicine is usually a grueling 12 hour shift of straight-up go, go, go!  But I love it (more so when I'm out of residency).  :)

  ~Dansko Clogs:  I had a prior health-care career before I went into medicine, so I had already learned that comfortable footwear is a must.  I JUST retired my first pair of Danskos that I bought probably around 6-7 years ago.  This pair is my newer pair, and I love the fun pattern (have to get some girly in there somewhere after all).  They are great for standing on your feet for hours on end, plus, like I said before, they're wipeable!

 ~Littmann Cardiology III Stethoscope:  These are the holy grail of stethoscopes in medicine.  I love mine so much and have zero complaints.  I also just retired my original Littmann stethoscope in plum which I had had for years.  When I finished residency, I decided to use a little CME money and invest in a new one.  After having a "fun" color for several years, I went with a traditional black, but decided to spice it up with the classy brass finish and a monogram.  :)  

~Stethoscope Belt Clip:  These things are less than $5 on Amazon, and the best purchase (okay it was actually a Christmas gift that I asked for several years ago) ever!  I DESPISE wearing my stethoscope around my neck as I tend to feel like I'm being strangled, and when I was still in school decided to find an alternative.  I've never looked back.

~Trauma Shears:  This is more for us emergency medicine or trauma people, but a good pair of shears is invaluable.  They tend to get lost or stolen in the ED, so I always make sure to keep good track of mine, as they really are an essential for on-the-spot emergencies!  From cutting bandages and ortho supplies to cutting off clothes and belts in traumas, they get used for everything!  (and cleaned regularly!)

~Uniball Signo Pens in red, black, and fine black point:  I'm a SUPER picky pen person, and always make sure that when someone asks to borrow one, I get it back.  These are my favorite.  They write smoothly, dry nicely, and are the perfect pen for everything.

~Moleskine Mini Pocket Books:  I started keeping books of helpful information and tips when I was in school and continued on through residency.  This size is absolutely perfect as it fits in easily in a pocket.  I keep tips, guidelines, dosages, and any other useful information in them and then re-write them every few years as I decide what is more relevant/useful at that time in my career.

~Gatorade Prime Energy Chews:  No one said that just because you're in medicine means that your lifestyle is healthy... especially in emergency medicine.  It's not unusual to sometimes go a VERY long time without eating.  Since I struggle with blood sugar issues, I have to keep myself going, so I always have a granola bar or something like these stuck in a pocket, white coat, or bag.

~Bai 5 Sparkling Antioxidant Infusion:  I LOVE these!  They have natural caffeine in them and are sweetened with erythritol and stevia.  The bubble ones are the best in my opinion, however, they do make plain non-carbonated ones.  I love the coconut, cherry, and grapefruit flavors the best.  After so much coffee, it's nice to have something a little different to drink!

~Eos Lip Balm, Fresh Sugar Tinted Balm, and Smith's Eucalyptus Balm:  I always carry a lip balm with me as my lips get super dry.  It's also nice to have a tinted balm to add to feeling a little bit more feminine :).  And I use Smith's balm on my hands/knuckles and lips to add in some moisture and protection.

Well friends!  There are a few of my day-to-day essentials!  Are there any can't-live-without things that you other medical people carry out there?  Any specific post ideas that you'd like to hear about?  Do share!

Have a great weekend!

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  1. your blog is G O R G E O U S ! I love the look! it fits in SO beautifully. and i love this glimpse into your everyday essentials! I am quite the pen snob when it comes to writing - it needs to be perfect. lately i have really been into brush pens (for fun) and the paper mate flair pen for work stuff. nothing is better than a fresh pack of pens :)


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