Thursday, September 18, 2014

Red Denim

Oh goodness... I do love red, white, and blue together.  But I have to say, when I tried on these Banana Republic red denim skinnies, I was pretty reluctant.  The conversation going on in my brain in the dressing room went something like this...
"red denim, really?  no way.  not me.  so incredibly bright for denim.  oh heavens, i barely even own anything red let alone pants.  but they do look good.  and think of all the things i could pair them with.  are these really that crazy?  wait... they're $15?  oh snap, i'm buying them."

So of course, I bought them.  And now I'm so glad I did!  They go so well with the myriad of navy and white tops in my wardrobe.  And they really are the perfect thing to wear in fall and winter!  I just pair it with a navy blazer or cardigan, and I'm good to go!

Top: Banana Republic (old, but this is adorable!)//Pants: Banana Republic (old, similar)//Pearls set: Ralph Lauren//Riding Boots: Matisse//Headband: LOFT outlet

Have a good week!



  1. You can never go wrong with $15 pants from Banana! These look really cute on you, I had a similar experience with a pair of kelly green pants I own, but the brighter the better!

    1. Thanks Alex! Now that I've jumped into the "bright pants" world, I think a kelly green pair would be perfect!!! :)

  2. Looove the anchor top! So, so pretty!! :)

    1. Thanks Lauren! Thanks for stopping by Girl With a Latte!


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