Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A Very Loved Little Kitty

 If you haven't gathered from my blog so far, little Lexie Grey (my kitty) is my baby.  I never imagined how much love I could have for a furry baby until I she came into my life.  I now understand why parents like to spoil their children, because to me, Lexie is my baby and I love to spoil her.  And for that matter, so do my parents (her grandparents)! :)
 She is simply the sweetest kitty I've ever met.  She's a total mama's girl, and everyone who sees her with me comments on how she just HAS to "check in" with me when I'm home and she's running around.  She loves to snuggle up to me when I'm sick or when she's scared because of windy weather outside.  I just adore her. :)  And because I do, she gets a little pampering...

How adorable is this little furr-ball?!


My sister bought this adorable little Eiffel Tower (I'm obsessed) kitty bed for Lexie before I even bought her!  It took her a good six months to actually sit in it, but after some coaxing from her grandpa, she loves to lounge in it!

I've been looking for the perfect little food dishes for her for awhile... and well... for MY birthday, Lexie got some new ones (my mother actually found them! good job mom!).

I think they're adorable!  Lexie seems to like them too :)

If there ever was a "girly girl" kitty, it's Lexie.  She loves to hop up on my dresser and ever so gently touch her paw to the pearls and jewels hanging on my jewelry tree.  She cracks me up at how gentle and feminine she is!

So when I saw these ultra cute and girly kitty toys at Petco, I melted. Lexie loves the ice cream cone! 

She lives a pretty rough life, huh?  Haha, I know... I'm an annoying adoring kitty mama...but those of you who love your pets as much as I do will understand. :)

This pretty much sums it all up: ;)