Monday, February 12, 2018

Winter Skin Care Favorites

Happy Monday, friends!

Is anyone else completely over winter, as I am?  I have a huge case of spring fever.  I like snow and cold around Christmas, but January seems to drag on forever, and February, even though my birthday month, makes me long for spring and flowers even more.  One thing that has really been a challenge for me in the winter, along with keeping the desire for warmth and sunshine at bay, is dealing with winter skin.  I have THE most sensitive skin in the world.  I even have what is called "dermatographism", meaning that you can take your finger and draw on my skin, and I'll get an instant reaction to it.  I break out in hives when my skin touches hot water.  And this winter, I've also had the pleasure (sarcasm noted) of discovering that the wind can make my exposed skin break out in welts.  No joke.  After doing a few shoots outside for recent outfit posts, I came in to discover my wind-burned, welty skin.  No good at all.  So, I've been combatting the winter skin with a few of my newly found favorite products.    I'm going to categorize them by the time of day that I use them.  All of the products are linked below!

-Origins GinZing Energy-Boosting Moisturizer: I received several Origins products for review several months back, but this one is by far my favorite.  I use it every morning before putting my makeup on, and it is so perfect in many ways.  First, it smells AMAZING and is the best thing to wake up to in the morning.  Aside from my morning coffee, this is the second thing I can't go without.  It truly invigorates, is light, and non-greasy.  I'm reaching the end of my first jar, and will definitely be purchasing another.

-Caudalie French Kiss Lip Balm:  This is the perfect lightly-tinted lip balm.  A swipe of this before heading off to work, and I'm set.

-Caudalie Grape Water:  This stuff is awesome.  It's like a make-up refresher and finisher all in one.  It sounded like a weird idea, but I absolutely love this product.  It's also the perfect thing to bring when traveling to brighten up your face after being in the car/plane all day.

-Caudalie Beauty Elixir:  I alternate this with the Grape Water.  Its has more of a smell, but is a luxurious way of finishing your make-up!

-I take a shower/bath in the evenings after I get home from work, so the bulk of my skincare regimen occurs then.  I use this Caudalie Vinosource Moisturizing Sorbet for a heavier cream before bed.  It's non-greasy though, and actually feels like a facial sorbet.  It's also gentle for the skin.  Definitely worth the investment.

-TokyoMilk lip balms are super heavy, and super moisturizing, and are my favorite night-time balm.

-Panier Des Sens hand creams (from France and oh so elegant in their packaging!) and Caudalie hand cream are in my bedside drawer to grab before putting on before bed.  My hands get so cracked and dry in the winter, especially with all the hand washing I do in medicine.  These save my hands from turning into complete sandpaper!

-Biossance 100% Squalane Oil:  I use this a few times a week as an extra facial moisturizer as it is a super moisturizing oil, and very gentle to the skin.  And again, the packaging is totally on point!

Hope you have a great week, friends!

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Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Dreams of Provence

Hello friends!

Just popping in because I had to share the new Chloe & Isabel Collection for Spring!  It's called Dreams of Provence and is the perfect collection of swoon-worthy pieces for any vintage-loving, romantic-minded girl!  Check out the collection at the link at the top of my blog or link HERE!  I purchased the Femme De Fleurs bracelet, collar necklace, and ring, and I simply cannot wait for them to arrive!  Will share them when I receive them!  

Monday, February 5, 2018

Maevn Pure Soft Scrub Review

Happy Monday, friends!  

This weekend was absolutely wonderful.  On Friday, I went to an awesome contemporary Christian concert at a local church, and Saturday and Sunday were spent relaxing and enjoying the wintery weather.  The snow was magical on Sunday, with heavy, soft flakes.  Perfect for making a snowman!  

Speaking of SOFT, let me introduce you to these amazingly scrubs from the Pure Soft Collection at Maevn Uniforms!  You might remember some of my other collaborations with Maevn in the past including their EON scrubs and their Red Panda scrubs.  One of the reasons I love Maevn is that they carry tall scrubs, and if there's one thing that I need, it's tall scrubs.  There's nothing worse than walking around with high-water scrubs.  So. Not. Cute.

These scrubs are like wearing a cloud.  They're so light, and so soft, and so comfortable.  And the pants are SO long!  I love them!  I don't think I've ever seen scrubs of this kind of material, and I'm so glad to have finally found some, because I had no idea what I was missing.  

For my medical friends, go check out Maevn Uniforms and do yourself a favor and order the best-fitting, softest scrubs ever.  You can thank me later. :)

Well, I'm off on an adventure this week after two days at the hospital.  More on that later!

Monday, January 29, 2018

Ellie January And A Discount Code

Outfit c/o Ellie Activewear

Hello Friends!

January is ALMOST coming to a close (it always seems like the longest month ever to me!), but there's still time to get the best Ellie Activewear box yet!  I love, love, love this tank top.  It's super soft, fits perfectly, is super flattering, and the "FIT" keeps me inspired.  The pants have an adorable white detail at the ankle, and the sports bra is super cute as per usual- white with black detailing.  The 5-piece set comes with the pouch in the above photo, as well as a set of resistance bands!  Definitely something I need to work with!

You can use the code LATTE15 at check-out for 15% off your order, anytime at Ellie Activewear!

The above outfit was provided to me as an Ellie Activewear Influencer in exchange for review.  All opinions are my own!