Sunday, February 5, 2017

Promise Organic Skincare Review

Hello Friends!  Happy February!  I can't believe I'm turning 30 in a week. Agh, scary thought!

But today I am SO excited to introduce you to one of the most fantastic skin care lines I have yet tried.  I don't think I've ever been as thrilled to do a product review before!   For the last few years, due to hypersensitive skin and frequent bouts of hives, I have tried to "purify" my skincare products.  I've tried many different kinds and found a few select products in each line, but I honestly have never liked EVERY SINGLE PRODUCT of a line as much as this one!  Introducing Promise Organic (available at CVS HERE): a paraben-free, organic, 100% natural skin-care line.  

When Promise Organic sent me a box of various products, it felt like Christmas.  The packaging is bright and fun and crisp-looking.  But seriously, these products are amazing!  Promise Organic features two different lines depending on your skin type:  An Ultra Moisturizing Argan Creme for normal-dry skin and Nourishing Coconut Milk for normal-combination skin.  I tend to have normal skin in the summer and dry skin in the winter, so I have absolutely fallen in love with the Argan Creme line.  And it smells fabulous, almost like fresh oranges!  I've started using the Argan Creme scrub a few times a week for a good exfoliator, and the Coconut Milk cleanser the rest of the time. My favorite products are probably the face creams because this winter has made my skin so dry!  I use the Coconut Milk in the daytime before I apply my make-up, and the Argan Creme facial lotion at night.  Both smell almost good enough to eat.  And my skin honestly has never felt better.  I'm super picky about face creams and lotions, because I don't like to feel greasy.  These definitely leave the skin feeling moisturized but not a bit greasy.  The Argan Oil bottle is a perfect multi-purpose oil- I use it in my hair for split ends, and on my face for an extra bit of moisture.  The only product I haven't tried yet is the sunscreen, but I can't wait for summer to use this.  I've never found a good natural sunscreen, so I know this will do the trick! 

You can buy them exclusively at CVS, and trust me, they're affordable as well as effective.  I'm going to try the facial wipes and body wash next.  I really do hope y'all try them, because you won't be disappointed!

Have a great week!

Products provided in exchange for product review.  As always, all opinions are my own.

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

YSL Lipstick // Philosophy Fresh Cream Spray // Statement Necklace (Similar)  // Essie Nail Polish // Kate Spade Socks

Aside from Christmas, Valentine's Day is one of my favorite holidays.  And it's not because of Romance, because probably most of my Valentine's days have been spent being single!  But that's okay, because my birthday is the day before, and I always loved getting gifts and cards with pink hearts and all things floral.  This year is a milestone birthday for me (eek!), so instead I'm thinking about some cute Valentine's gifts!  Here are a few of my favorite ideas for that good friend, sister, mother, or kindred spirit in your life!

Sunday, January 8, 2017

FIGS Scrubs Review

Scrubs: Figs Technical Collection c/o: top: Casma, bottoms: Livingston // Figs Super Chill Vest c/o

I kept hearing about Figs scrubs on social media, and all I had heard was positive things.  Figs sent me a set to try, as well as THE BEST VEST ever!  The scrubs are SUPER soft.  Scrubs in general tend to be like wearing pajamas, but these are just amazingly smooth and comfy.  The technical collection is relaxed, and the pants do come in tall (which I need!).  You definitely need to try them!  For sizes, I would recommend going down a size in the tops (I'm usually an XS but would probably have fit better in an XXS), and going up a size for the pants (I'm usually between an XS and a S, but S would probably fit a bit better in the pants).  Now let me rave a  bit about this vest.  It's amazing.  I wore it all week in the ER and just love it, plus I received tons of compliments!  It's super soft and not overly heavy, but provides tons of pocket space and a little added core warmth.  I am always wearing either a fleece or a vest at work, and this is by far my new favorite!

The best thing about Figs is their Threads For Threads program:  they donate a pair of scrubs to a healthcare provider in need, often in low resource areas, for every pair purchased.  What a fantastic way to help!  Figs is kindly offering my readers, YOU ALL, a discount!  Use code KerriFIGS for 15% off your first purchase!

Scrubs provided by FIGS in exchange for a review.  All opinions are, as always, my own.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Choose Grace: Happy 2017!

Happy New Year, my friends!

I've had a lovely (and so needed) week off, even despite battling a bit of a cold.  And today, the first day of a new year, is my last day off before returning to the daily grind.  Last year I started writing down goals for the new year, concentrating on each area of life.  I am proud to say I accomplished many, although not all, of them.  This year, I made my goals a little more broad, realizing that I can accomplish something but it may not be exactly how I originally thought it would or should be.  Isn't that kind of how God works, though?  He opens doors, letting us walk, but may have a different plan than we thought.  This year, I'm faced with a lot of uncertainty.  There's a lot of big decisions that will need to be made.  But I was inspired to pick a "word" to be the theme of my new year.  And it's a word that played a great deal into my new blog name:  GRACE.  I'm asking that God give me grace in my interactions, my decisions, my hardships, my uncertainty.  I'm asking that He help me to see His grace in all areas of my life.  I'm asking that He give me grace in the disappointments.  I'm asking that He give me grace while seeking out joy in my life.  I'm also praying that this little blog can be a source of Grace.

So Happy 2017!  Let's give it to God, and see how He works.  I'm excited for this year in a way I don't think I have been before.